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Why You Would Consider Endodontics over Implant Dentistry

Why Consider Endodontics?

Endodontics in GlendaleRoot canal therapy and apioectomy, or what is collectively known as endodontics, are effective techniques that have been strategically put in place to help ease the patient out of the painful symptoms and manifestations of an ongoing disease process inside the teeth or in its surrounding tissues. The primary aim of endodontics is to eliminate the cause of the infection, reduce painful symptoms, and consequently save the tooth from extraction. If a patient can be given the option to save his teeth, rather than having them pulled out, then this must be given serious consideration. The long-term effects of missing teeth have been known to be detrimental to a patient’s overall dental health, and could generally have been prevented if only preemptive measures were put in place. Endodontics provides patients with this option. A failing tooth does not have to be a missing tooth. Instead, it could be repaired, by eliminating the source of infection, and kept to function normally like any of his regular tooth. It will be numb from now on, sure. It will still be prone to tooth decay, sure. But until such time, and while the tooth is still intact, the patient can function normally and not have to worry about dealing with the predicament of an absent tooth.

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