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What Should Be Expected From Endodontics?

What Should Be Expected From Endodontics?

Endodontics in GlendaleEndodontics is a singular, or a combination therapy that is used to provide treatment for teeth that become stricken with an internal disease, affecting mainly its pulp and/or its root. For infections concerning tooth pulp, root canal therapy is the go-to procedure that has been widely proven to effectively manage the condition. In a single appointment, the dentist will be able to drill a hole into the affected dental cavity, extract the diseased pulp, and then clean and seal off the area to thwart any further complications. The success rate for this procedure is very high, with more than 90% of patients reporting a complete absence of pain and a return to normal tooth functionality following the procedure. Apioectomy functions in much the same way, but focuses on the terminating infection at the root of the teeth, or the areas immediately adjacent to it. An incision in the gums will give Dr. Babadjanian access to the contaminated root and enables him to remove infected tissue accordingly. A portion of the root, specifically its tip, is also removed in the process, and then sealed off with biocompatible material, thereby protecting the root so that any future infections will not be able to penetrate as easily. In both of these procedures, it is key to keep the teeth free from infection and help save them from extraction so that the patient would be able to go about life with a fully functional set of teeth.

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