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Root Canal Dentist Los Angeles | Glendale Root Canal

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How Much Does A Root Canal Cost?

The average cost of root canal treatment in Los Angeles depends on how severe the infection or damage is and the affected tooth. An estimation for the treatment (excluding tooth restoration) performed by a general dentist ranges from $350 to $600 for an incisor and $600 to $1,000 for a molar. The cost of tooth restoration is approximately $250 to $350.

Isn't A Root Canal Painful?

This is one of the most common misconceptions about root canals. A tooth needing root canal therapy is already causing you much worse pain than the procedure will. The pain from a root canal procedure is almost non-existent, and can be compared to getting a cavity filled. Remember, root canals relieve pain -- they don't cause it.

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Edwin Babadjanian, DDS Microscope Endodontist & Implantologist

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The Root Canal Process

Step 1
X-ray to determine the damage
Step 2
Anesthesia to fully numb the mouth
Step 3
Pulpectomy removes the diseased tooth portion
Step 4
Filling to restore health of the tooth
Step 5
Restoration of tooth appearance

What Are You Waiting For?

Living with tooth pain, swollen gums, and difficulty eating food is no way to go through your day-to-day routine. The thought of a root canal is far scarier than the actual process, which will leave you feeling pain-free and greatly relieved.