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Replacing All Teeth in Upper or Lower Jaw in Glendale, CA

Replacing All Teeth in Upper or Lower Jaw in Glendale, CA

Dental Implants in Glendale CAIn cases where the patient would need to replace all teeth in the upper or lower jaw, dental science has come up with a more stable, more permanent solution to the situation, other than the use of full dentures. If the patient is seen to have an adequate bone surface to work with, then an implant augmented fixed bridge or an implant overdenture could be recommended.

Because of the scope of this type of procedure, getting an implant assisted fixed bridge would need careful planning and a thorough examination of the patient’s needs before it could actually be carried out. The dentist needs to determine the number of implants that will be needed, as well as to identify the best strategic points on the arch in which to put the implants in in order to ensure the best possible support for the resulting full arch bridge.

All of these must be based on established parameters such as the number of teeth that will be replaced, the position of opposing teeth, and even the presence of some teeth that may need to be removed prior to replacing all teeth in the upper or lower jaw. Because it would take some time for the implants to heal and fuse with the underlying bone, patients who choose to undergo this procedure are usually recommended to use a removable full denture until such time that the procedure can move forward after the healing and fusion processes are done.

Recent advances in dentistry, however, have found a good deal of success in immediate loading, or the process of immediately putting on the fixed dental bridge after the implants are drilled into place. This means that they would immediately experience “load” or a certain amount of force normally received by the teeth from chewing or biting as soon as they are put in.

Implant overdentures have also seen extensive use in replacing all the teeth in the upper or lower jaws. This is a different take on the full denture, and is held firmly in position by several points of attachment to the underlying implants, which help the restoration to snap firmly into place. This gives the patient more stability when performing routine actions like chewing, or biting, or talking. Careful planning and extensive preliminary examinations must be done before carrying out an extensive restoration such as this. It is important to take into consideration the patient’s needs as well as assessing the overall patient responds to the treatment.

The patient must be made aware that getting implant overdentures on the upper arch will require more implants than it does for the lower arch, because of the difference in their anatomical planes. Very similar to the benefits afforded by traditional dentures, implant overdentures also restore form and tone to a patient’s facial muscles that get compromise it to floss. Also just like conventional dentures, this type is removable in order to facilitate cleaning both the dentures and the protruding parts of the implants.

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