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Replacing a Single Tooth in Glendale, CA

Replacing a Single Tooth in Glendale, CA

Dental Implants in Glendale CAReplacing a single tooth can easily be done by getting the patient a fixed dental bridge, or a single dental implant to take the place of the missing tooth. An appointment with Dr. Edwin Babadjanian will give you all the information that you need to decide which procedure would best suit your needs.

Dental bridges fill in the gaps created by missing teeth using a fabricated row of artificial teeth that will be anchored on either side by dental crowns that go on top of the abutment teeth. In preparation, these of abutment teeth will be shaped and brought down to a size that will easily accommodate the crowns and the restoration in between. This procedure has shown to be highly effective in a large percentage of people who opt to use it.

Probably the only disadvantage to getting dental bridges to replace a single tooth is the need to purposefully pare down the enamel of the adjacent teeth in order to accommodate the restoration. It has been shown that this could potentially increase the possibility of nerve damage or cavity formation poses further complication for the patient.

Dental implants, on the other hand, could be the more sensible choice when replacing a single tooth because it involves the implantation and fusion of a single titanium post into the underlying bone. A single dental crown is then placed on top of the implanted post to effectively fill in the gap created by the absent tooth. This type of restoration effectively mimics the appearance and texture of natural teeth, thereby giving the patient the ability to function normally, similar to when he had a full set of teeth.

When used in replacing a single tooth, dental implants must be maintained so as to preserve its integrity as a restoration. Over time, the dental crown on top of the implant may begin to loosen, but could easily be fixed by cleaning and tightening the dental posts, or reinforcing the dental cement, underneath the crown. In any case, proper dental hygiene must be practiced in order to maintain any kind of restoration that is used in replacing a single tooth.

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