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Replacing Multiple Teeth

Replacing Multiple Teeth

Dental Implants in Glendale CAWhen replacing multiple teeth, the patient may explore different avenues so he can find and decide which procedure works best for him. Similar to replacing a single tooth, replacing multiple teeth can be achieved by the use of dental implants, dentures, or dental bridges. We recommend all patients to come in for a Free Consultation and CT Scan in order for Dr. Babadjanian to give you the best possible advice for your health.

Multiple implants can be used to replace missing teeth in different parts of the mouth. As long as the implant has completely fused with the underlying bone, the abutments can then be added and the final prosthesis screwed or cemented in place to finally take the place of the absent tooth. This can be done in multiple strategic points in the patient’s mouth, filling in the gaps left by missing teeth.

Dental bridges are very often used in replacing multiple teeth. In order to successfully receive this restoration, the dental bridge must be anchored onto the patient’s existing teeth, whose enamels would have to be shaved down to size in order to accommodate the resulting crowns and the artificial teeth in between. This type of procedure effectively restores balance in the mouth and gives the patient adequate support to for him to be able to continue with normal oral activities like chewing, biting, eating, or talking.

Dentures are perhaps the most noninvasive restorations that a patient can choose when replacing multiple teeth. Artificial teeth are fabricated according to the planes and shapes, and are based on initial molds that are made from the patient’s mouth. Partial dentures can replace multiple teeth in different parts of the mouth, while full dentures can replace the entire row of upper or lower teeth.

Unlike other restorations that are used in replacing multiple teeth, dentures do not require any incisions, drilling, or paring down of healthy teeth to be able to achieve it’s purpose. The artificial fabricated teeth will the anchored on the mouth by using wires that will keep the dentures in place and make it easier for the patient to remove them when they are not needed, or put them back in place whenever necessary.

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