What options do I have for replacing Missing Teeth in Glendale, CA?

Dental Implants in Glendale CAIf dental implants do not appeal to the patient, or if there is not enough bone surface to work with, the dentist can always recommend that they get fixed dental bridges to replace missing teeth. When getting this kind of restoration, artificial teeth will fill in the gaps between the existing teeth, and abutments will be placed at either end of what is now the dental bridge. The abutments will essentially be like hollow caps will go on top of the existing teeth. For this to happen, the teeth adjacent to the gap will be pared down to a size that will allow the abutments to fit on top of them, effectively anchoring the bridge and minimizing movement. The disadvantage of this procedure is the preparation done on the abutment teeth, because this irreversible change may potentially give way to a variety of dental problems moving forward like cavities, nerve exposure, or even premature bone deterioration.

Another effective way to replace missing teeth is the use of full or partial dentures. Partial dentures can replace a missing tooth or teeth in certain parts of the mouth, while full dentures can take the place of an entire row of teeth on either the upper or lower parts of the mouth. Unlike dental bridges, dentures get their stability from mechanical support using a wire mesh that latch onto existing teeth, the jaw line, or even the roof of the patient’s mouth. Perhaps the most troublesome issue with getting dentures is the repetitive putting in and taking out that needs to be done whenever necessary depending on whether the patient needs his dentures or not.

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