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Low Cost Dental Implant Options | Glendale Root Canal

Getting Dental Implants at a Low Cost

A dental implant refers to a tooth root replacement. Dental implants are rooted in the jawbone, and they secure crowns and dentures. They are composed of titanium, which is a light, biocompatible and strong compound. Titanium is commonly used for dental and bone implants. Although dental implants are the best solution for replacing missing teeth, they are very costly. Here are some of the ways of getting a low cost dental implant.

Dental Tourism
Dental tourism is a common alternative for patients looking for low cost dental implant dentist. Developing countries like Costa Rica, Mexico, Hungary and most Asian countries offer dental procedures at a significantly low price compared to developed countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States.

Dental tourism is beneficial for mild cases like when a patient requires crown placement and implants. Although there is a high reduction in costs, one should consider the standards and regulations governing licensing in the country they choose to seek treatment. It is also important to do a background check on the credentials and track record of the dentist performing the procedure.

Although dental implants in the United States may be seen as expensive, patients have the advantage of being treated by the best dentists in the world and with the best state of the art medical facilities.

Dental Implant Program at Colleges of Dentistry

Another alternative is to participate in the programs involved with dental implants at universities offering dentistry. Such programs are meant to provide dentistry school graduates with a chance to gain experience in performing dental implants. These students perform dental implant procedures guided by experienced dental surgeons. Some colleges limit this service to low-income patients. These programs offer the same standard of treatment provided by professional dentists at a reduced price.

Examples of the colleges that offer these programs include:

  • University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey
  • University of Florida College of Dentistry
  • University of Texas Health Science Centre Dental School
  • A.T. Still University School of Dentistry and Oral Health
Dental Institutions and Non Profit Organizations

Some dental institutions and charitable programs provide discounted or free care to low-income individuals. Some associations offer free care to patients who belong to particular demographic groups like women, children, individuals with disabilities and domestic violence victims.

Financing the Cost
Financial organizations, such as Care Credit, offer financing of dental procedures. These arrangements allow individuals to go through dental implants and deliver monthly payments together with the attached fees and interest. To qualify for financing, one should have a good credit score.

Review Other Options

The popular alternatives for replacing missing teeth are partial dentures and bridges. The main drawback is that dental implants last longer than these options. However, if properly maintained, bridges can go for up to 15 years.

Raising Funds
If the alternatives mentioned above do not work for you, then you can try raising funds. Good examples of sites that are involved with fundraising campaigns include GoFundMe.com and Indiegogo.com. These services operate the same way as Kickstarter, a popular crowdfunding service, but they are used for raising funds for personal health issues.

Start by setting up a well-written page covering all the details of your predicament. You can even make a video presentation. Ensure you explain how you are going to spend the money and how having dental implants will improve your personal life and that of your loved ones. The next step is to send a link to the article or video to family, friends, colleagues, local churches and online communities asking them to help you raise funds for dental implants.

If you are looking to get dental implants or any other dental procedure, consider getting a free consultation and comprehensive dental analysis with Dr. Ed Babadjanian. For more information, contact us today.

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