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Glendale Root Canal is committed to providing his patients with comprehensive and comfortable procedures to help save their teeth. Dr. Ed Babadjanian specializes in root canals and implant dentistry, and his office utilizes the latest in endodontic technology. He is proud to offer superior root canal treatment in the Los Angeles area.

Dr. Babadjanian earned a Bachelor’s degree from California State University Northridge in exercise science and his Doctorate degree in dental surgery from the University of Southern California School of Dentistry. He is currently a member of both the American Association of Endodontics and the Academy of Osseointegration. He has previously worked at hospitals in San Francisco and Brooklyn, as well as spending two years working in Implantology at New York University. He prides himself on being a premier Los Angeles root canal specialist.

At Glendale Root Canal, Dr. Babadjanian and his staff perform all procedures under a microscope. They use 3D imaging scans in order to better diagnose their patients and create treatment plans that work. The office also offers IV sedation or oral sedation options. In addition to providing excellent service to his patients, Dr. Babadjanian is devoted to offering the most affordable root canal price in the Los Angeles area.

Dr. Babadjanian wants his patients to leave their appointments feeling complete peace of mind about their dental health. He is a reliable root canal specialist and dental implant expert who considers his patients to be part of his family. Most people associate root canals with incredible amounts of pain, but at Glendale Root Canal, the procedure can be a painless experience thanks to Dr. Babadjanian and his team. Your teeth are their top priority.


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The Glendale Root Canal office is located just a few miles away from downtown Los Angeles and encourages people to come in for a complementary consultation if they are experiencing any pain around the dental pulp. Other common symptoms that require endodontics treatment include tooth decay, cracked teeth, and missing teeth. Free consultations with Dr. Babadjanian can be scheduled over the phone or through his office’s website. Endodontist Glendale is open five days a week, and weekend appointments can be scheduled when necessary.

Dr. Babadjanian is a resident of Los Angeles and enjoys the outdoors when he is not helping patients. His favorite activities include tennis, racket ball, swimming, water polo, and snowboarding. But more than anything, he enjoys bringing healthy smiles to the people of Los Angeles county.

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