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Burbank Endondontics Dentistry | Glendale Root Canal

Burbank Endodontist – Root Canal Treatment

When a tooth is dying from decay through to its inner core, root canal therapy is the only way to save it. Root canal is endodontics, the dental specialty that saves teeth by clearing out infection from the inside and restoring them to full health. Without a root canal, all of the diseased tissue inside of a tooth will die. Then the tooth will need to be pulled, or it will eventually fall out.

If you have a bad tooth that’s causing toothache pain, you can stop the pain and save the tooth if you act as soon as possible.Find out how your tooth can be saved by coming in for a free CT scan and consultation with our root canal specialist.

Endodontics - Burbank, CA

Endodontists – Dental Doctors for Root Canal Treatment

An endodontist is a specialist in performing root canals and has extra years of training beyond dental school. Root canal today is more efficient and more comfortable than ever before, and the specialized training that an endodontist receives ensures that the procedure will be done completely, accurately and comfortably for you. The success rate for root canals performed by specialists is nearly 100%.

How Much Does Root Canal Cost?

The cost of a root canal is often less than the repeated costs of trying to avoid one. Root canal on teeth near the front of the mouth usually costs less because these teeth have single roots. Back teeth have more complicated root systems, so costs for back teeth can range from about $800-$1,600 depending on the complexity of the case. When you visit our root canal specialist near Burbank, CA we can discuss our payment and insurance options.

Get more information on how root canal by an endodontic specialist can stop toothache pain and save your tooth. Call the office of our endodontist in Burbank CA now to set up a consultation appointment. At your free consultation we can answer any questions you have and explain everything you need to know about the root canal procedure.

Can Any Dentist Do a Root Canal?

A root canal must be performed by a trained dentist who has experience in doing the delicate work of root canal therapy. The procedure involves entering the tooth through a small hole that is drilled into it and using specialized instruments to clean out all of the diseased and dead tissue inside. The inner tooth is then filled with a strong material to restore it. The hole that was made in the tooth is later filled or capped with a dental crown. Our endodontics dentist of Burbank and surrounding areas is board certified and has years of experience performing root canals. Seeing a specialist in endodontics is important to ensure that your tooth will be restored to full health, full function and attractive appearance.


Directions from Burbank, CA

  • Head southwest on E Olive Ave toward N 1st St
  • Turn left at the 1st cross street onto S First St
  • Turn right at the 3rd cross street onto E Verdugo Ave
  • E Verdugo Ave turns slightly right and becomes S Front St
  • Turn right to merge onto I-5

“Come in for a free root canal treatment evaluation. We’re only 3 to 6 miles away from Burbank, California” – Dr. Babadjanian


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