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Endodontist Los Angeles | Dr. Ed - Endodontics Los Angeles

Endodontist Los Angeles

About Endodontics in Los Angeles

Dr. Ed Babadjanian, a renown Los Angeles endodontist, is pleased to offer endodontic services to the residents of the Glendale, California area. As an endodontist Los Angeles CA turns to for top quality oral surgery, Dr. Babadjanian not only uses his skill and experience to treat his patients but also treats them with compassion and respect.

Endodontist in Los Angeles CA

As an endodontist Los Angeles CA, Dr. Babadjanian is board certified. As a root canal endodontist, he has saved the teeth and promoted the oral health of many patients in the area of Glendale and Los Angeles.

What is an Endodontist?

An endodontist is a dentist who specializes diagnosing and treating conditions of the pulp of the tooth and the structures that surround it. An endodontist must not only go to an accredited dental school but needs to have at least two years additional study in endondontics. Because they need to be very precise in their treatment of the tissue, nerves and blood vessels that make up the pulp of the teeth, they’re often very comfortable using cutting edge technologies. This includes using operating microscopes and ultrasound.

Among the treatments a Los Angeles endodontist can perform are root canal therapy and apicoectomy. Apicoectomy is a treatment that an endondontist would use to help a patient who can’t have a traditional root canal procedure to save his or her tooth. The dentist removes infected tissue from near the root of the tooth and removes a bit of the root itself. The area is then allowed to heal.

Other services provided by Dr. Ed Babadjanian include non-surgical root canal treatment, endondontic treatment and the repair of cracked teeth.

Root Canal Procedure

In this type of endodontics Los Angeles, the pulp of an infected tooth is removed and filled in with a material like gutta percha. Even before the treatment, a root canal endodontist like Dr. Babadjanian will take X-rays of the tooth to let him know if the tooth can be saved and to plan the best way to treat it and the patient.

When the procedure starts, the patient will be given an injection which has a local anesthetic in it. Then, a dental dam will be fitted over the tooth to isolate it from the rest of the patient’s mouth. This cuts down on the risk of infection. After that, Dr. Dr. Babadjanian will drill a hole through the tooth to the pulp chamber. He’ll remove the diseased pulp and nerves, clean the chamber with tiny brushes and disinfect it. Then, he’ll use tools to shape the chamber to allow it to better accept the materials that will fill it up and eventually seal it.

The gutta percha is warmed up till it becomes very malleable, then is pushed into the cleaned and empty chambers. These chambers are tiny and can have many branches, so a great deal of expertise is needed to make sure all infected material is taken out of them. After that, the chamber is sealed in with a dental cement. Dr. Babadjanian will then place a permanent or temporary filling on top of the tooth and remove the dental dam. If the tooth couldn’t be saved, he may replace it with a dental implant. This is a crown that can be made out of porcelain, metal or both that’s placed on top of a post implanted in the tooth. Dr. Babadjanian is also an expert in dental implants.

When the procedure is over, the patient can go home. Ideally, they should have someone drive them home. Dr. Babadjanian will have prescribed pain killers and antiobiotics to keep the patient comfortable and keep the tooth from becoming infected. It’s crucial that the patient keep follow-up appointments.

Root Canal Treatment
Root canal treatment is called for when an infection invades the pulp of the tooth. This can cause the tissue and nerves there to start to die. It can even reach into the bone of the jaw and start to destroy it. The infection, called pulpitis, can also cause extreme amounts of pain.

For a consultation regarding the endodontics Los Angeles residents can trust, call Dr. Ed Babadjanian at (818) 548-5544

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