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Dental Implants Montrose - Step-by-Step Process Explained

Dental Implants Montrose

Dental Implants Step-by-Step Procedure

Full Dental Implant – $1,700

Includes Dental Implant + Abutment + Crown

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Dental Implants Step-by-Step Process

Dental implants are a way for a dentist to improve the oral health of an individual who is missing one or more teeth. Implants are far superior to older methods of tooth replacement and are a permanent way to repair the teeth. Virtually all dentists use a staged surgical procedure to place an implant; therefore, patients must be able to dedicate several months to the process. Learning about the dental implant process step by step can help potential patients feel less anxious about the procedure and will help answer many questions that they may have.

Step One – Visit a Dental Implants Dentist + Surgical Procedure

The first step begins with a visit to an oral surgeon or dental implant dentist. After a complete evaluation, which includes pulling the old tooth, the implant can be placed in the jawbone. This is a surgical procedure that involves cutting into the gum tissue and drilling into the bone. The gum is placed back over the top of the implant to keep it free of infection and to protect it from pressure while it is healing. The healing process can take six months. Some individuals may need to have bone grafted into their jaws if their jawbones are too small or too soft. In this case, the grafting would be a separate surgical procedure that would occur prior to the placement of the implant.

Step Two – Placing the Abutment

The next major step involves the placement of a piece called an abutment. This requires another procedure to remove the gum from the top of the implant. The abutment is similar to a screw in that its base is attached to the implant and its top is formed to match the new tooth that will soon be placed. Some dentists can place the abutment at the same time as the implant; however, the individual will be able to see the abutment above the gum line during the healing process.

Step Three – Adding the Crown

The final step occurs after the implant has completely integrated itself into the bone in a process called osseointegration. At this time, the dentist will place the prosthetic tooth on the abutment, ensuring that it fits well inside the mouth and between the other teeth. These teeth are often created specially in a lab to match the color and formation of the person’s original teeth.

There are numerous benefits to receiving a dental implant. It is more permanent than a traditional crown or bridgework and is much stronger than dentures are. In addition, it is not at any risk of forming cavities as actual teeth do. While there are some risks when undergoing a dental implant, such as gum infections or nerve damage when drilling into the bone and cutting into the gum, the advantages of having a permanent implant far outweighs the risk for most people.

Although receiving a dental implant can be a lengthy process, most patients feel that it is well worth their time and money. Dental implants are safe and secure, and most have a high rate of success. Those looking for dental implants in the Montrose-Glendale area can head to Glendale Root Canal where they will find kind, knowledgeable professionals who treat each dental case with the individual attention and concern it deserves.

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