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Expert Dental Implant Surgery | Glendale Root Canal

Dental Implant Surgery

Dental Implant Surgery Dentist

Considering Dental Implant Surgery Soon?

Trust Dr. Ed Babadjanian and the expert team at Glendale Root Canal to take care of your procedure gently and professionally from start to finish. Dr. Babadjanian isn’t just the best dental implant surgeon in Glendale — he also truly cares for his patients’ comfort and health. If you’re considering implanting one or more teeth for health and/or cosmetic reasons, there’s never been a better time to have a dental implant procedure.


If you have questions about dental implant surgery, call right now for a free consultation with absolutely no obligation: 818.548.5544


Improve Your Quality of Life.

If you need dental implants, surgery (or at least the thought of it) might be holding you back. But the truth is, when you combine modern dental technology with the gentle touch of Dr. Babadjanian and his team, there really isn’t anything to fear. At Glendale Root Canal, we’ll take great care of you during and after your procedure, and before you know it you’ll have a new smile that makes you feel good every single day.


Don’t put it off any longer! Call the Glendale Root Canal team to schedule your dental implant procedure at 818.548.5544


Dr. Babadjanian: Expert Los Angeles Dental Implant Surgeon

Simply put, Dr. Ed Babadjanian is one of the best dental implant surgeons in Los Angeles. A member of both the American Association of Endodontics and the Academy of Osseointegration, Dr. Babadjanian obtained his doctorate in Dental Surgery from the University of Southern California. He has extensive experience with dental implants and bases a large part of his dentistry practice around this procedure.



Still not quite sure if dental implants are for you? Call 818.548.5544 today for a free consultation! 

5 Stars Specialist in Dental Implants and Root Canals!

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