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Cracked Teeth in Glendale, CA

Cracked Teeth in Glendale, CA

Cracked Tooth in GlendaleThe enamel of the teeth is arguably the hardest, most resilient exposed surface in the human body. It is subjected every day to friction, and traction, and varying degrees of force, which is the most prevalent reason why people are prone to getting cracked teeth.We may not see it right away, but cracked teeth manifest themselves in a variety of ways, the most common of which is pain. Diversified levels of pain will be experienced when a patient has cracked teeth specifically when chewing, releasing biting pressure, or even when exposed to different temperatures. The pain sensation is felt when a patient has cracked teeth because the sensitive inner pulp containing blood vessels and other cells become irritated when the fractured pieces of the teeth move against each other. These cracks also essentially make the pulp more vulnerable to external factors and the patient may again feel pain when the affected tooth is exposed to extreme temperatures. Repeated irritation due to cracked teeth would eventually lead to extensive pulp damage and it could reach the point when the pulp loses its ability to heal naturally. If this condition is left untreated and cracked teeth are not given proper attention, it will initiate pulp infection and this will cause further damage when it spreads to the surrounding tissues. Different types cracked teeth call for different remedies. Craze Lines and fractured cusps usually require no special treatment since they only affect the extreme outer layer of the enamel and re very shallow so they typically pose no immediate danger to the pulp. Crack tooth, split tooth, and vertical root fracture cracks, on the other hand, will manifest signs of pulp damage due the nature and orientation of the cracks. These types would have to be given immediate endodontic attention and treated so as to prevent serious complications.

Cracked teeth, unlike cracked bones, will never completely heal. Mitigating procedures could be done to keep the damage at bay, but this would most likely only end in tooth loss since most cracks naturally progress over time. The most important aspect of treating cracked teeth is the pain management that will allow the patient to function normally. Alleviating the discomfort is key, but prevention is always better. And so to avoid getting cracked teeth, patients will be advised to steer clear of hard food, avoid grinding of teeth, and taking precautionary methods like wearing a mouth guard when engaging in sports or other physical activities.

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