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Dental Implants in Glendale CAFollowing the placement of implants, the patient is allowed some time to heal, and also the implant is given time to completely fuse with the bone. If the patient is already wearing conventional dentures, the restorative doctor may recommend the use of a temporary soft lining that will be put under the dentures and help facilitate healing of the underlying tissues before attachments and abutments can be added on to them in preparation for the final prosthesis.

One specific type of implant overdenture requires the use of a retainer bar and calls for retention attachments to be placed strategically on the implants. These specific attachments and abutments secure the overdentures to the post and gives it more stability through retention. Depending on the unique needs of each patient, there restorative doctor may recommend several different types of attachments and abutments that will ultimately increase the efficiency of the restoration, and maximize its benefits for the patient. It is not unusual to wait a bit longer before any type of improvement can be added onto the implants, as it is imperative that the bone and surrounding tissues completely heal before considering the addition of any further attachments and abutments. This would ultimately allow the restorative doctor to make a more accurate assessment of the oral cavity, thereby enabling him to create a more natural looking fabrication of patient’s teeth.

Other types of attachments and abutments are available to choose from including the bar type, ball type, locator type, or O-ring type attachments. All these different types of work and their own different ways, and choosing one would require careful consideration and advise from your restorative doctor. There are different advantages as well as disadvantages from using these attachments and abutments and, depending on the special needs of the patient and the specific requirements of the restoration, only the best one that would address all of these must be chosen in order to get the full impact of the restoration.

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