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Apicoectomy in Glendale, CA

Apicoectomy in Glendale, CA

Endodontics in GlendaleWhen the root of a patient’s tooth becomes implicated in a disease process and starts to manifest pain symptoms, the dentist’s natural next course of action is to perform an apioectomy. Under Dr. Edwin Babadjanian’s expertise, apioectomy is now more accessible and safer than ever, with tried and tested techniques that is sure to address all of the patient’s immediate needs.An apicoectomy is a procedure that involves opening the gum tissue in order to expose the underlying bone to accurately assess the extent of the disease and, in the process, remove the infected and inflamed surrounding tissues as well as the infected tip of root of the tooth. After removal, the root can be sealed by the application of a filling material that will effectively close off the root canal and prevent further infection. Subsequent to this, the gum tissue will be put back and sutured in place to promote healing. The bone tissue is expected to restore itself to good health after a few months.

Apicoectomy is a procedure that is conducted under local anesthesia, which makes it more convenient for patients who do not have to endure pain related to the actual procedure. Post operatively, there may be some swelling and discomfort that will be felt around the area of the surgery, but this is perfectly normal and will subside in a few days and is not cause for alarm since pain medication will be prescribed to manage the discomfort. Also just like any other surgical procedure, a specific care regimen will also be developed for each patient after the apioectomy. The regimen will be patterned according to his needs, and must be followed with strict compliance if the patient desires a swift recovery process. However, if the pain persists for more than a few days and starts to become more pronounced, do not hesitate to get in touch with your dentist to find out if complications have developed. Early detection and treatment of such complications is key to effective management.

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