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Welcome to the Glendale office of Dr. Babadjanian, where we specialize in Root Canals and Dental Implants. What makes Dr. Ed Babadjanian special:

  • Complementary consultation.
  • Our Doctor specializes in root canals and implant dentistry.
  • Our main goal is to save your teeth.
  • All procedures are performed under microscope.
  • Our office utilizes the latest technology.
  • CT scans (3D imaging) are routinely used for better diagnosis and treatment planning.
  • IV sedation/oral sedation are offered.
  • Our goal is to perform painless/comfortable procedures and have you grow with us as family.

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Root Canal Specialist in Glendale, CA

Dr. Edwin Babadjanian’s office located in Glendale, CA and a few miles away from Los Angeles, Pasadena and Burbank. Endodontics is a dental specialty that’s centered around the dental pulp. If you suspect that you might have a disease that’s related to dental pulp, then you might be a good candidate for a visit to our friendly office.

Root canals are a specific dental procedure that we perform frequently. Contrary to what you might believe, root canals generally aren’t unpleasant or painful. If you’ve ever gotten a cavity filling, then you probably have some idea of the level of inconvenience a root canal might bring. Several key symptoms often point to the need for endodontics treatment. If you have cracked teeth, missing teeth or tooth decay, to name a few examples, then you should call us immediately to schedule an appointment for an assessment of your dental health. If you experience tooth sensitivity to either cold and hot, you should visit us, too.

The sooner you address a potential dental problem the better. Never dillydally when it comes to your dental health. Once you decide that you need endodontics attention, contact us without further ado. You can schedule an appointment simply by calling us. You can also ask for a complimentary consultation via the website. If you’re looking for a reliable root canal specialist OR dental implant dentist who can get you back on track to feeling confident and happy about your teeth, then we’re the place for you.

Our office employs the newest up-and-coming technologies to ensure the best for your teeth. Our priority is your dental well-being. Since implant dentistry and root canals are Dr. Babadjanian’s main focus, you can feel 100 percent peace of mind when you depend on us.

5 Stars Specialist in Dental Implants and Root Canals!

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